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Praise Party!

Let's praise the Lord! It has been quite the journey over the last several months as God has brought us through. God has shown up in miracle after miracle.

This Sunday, March 18, at 6:15, we are setting aside time to just passionately adore God for all He has done. Please, join us! The worship team will be premiering a

new song. Spread the word and let's pack

the house! Share this invite video!

God has blessed us with a great country where we can worship freely in spirit and in truth. What is it like serving the gospel in a place where you are actively persecuted? On April 20, we will spent a night intensely studying the Bible as we learn about and support our brothers and sisters undergoing persecution. Click here to register or for more info.

As we approach Easter, continue praying and fasting that God moves on the heart of His people! As we are seeking 30 people to baptize on Easter, God has moved on the hearts of more than 20 people who are ready to go public with their faith in baptism! We will be baptizing individuals from 7 to 63. What a great God! Who are you praying for? Who are you inviting? Whose life do you want to see changed for eternity? If you want any help sharing with someone, please do not hesitate to contact us! We would love to go with you and share!

Are you a prayer warrior? If you want to be added to the ePray list, please email We'll make add you right away!

God, keep blessing! Let Your Spirit move on Your people! Save the lost! Let it be done!

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