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Daring Faith June 6

Thank you! What a great start!

June 6 update

I will use this space to update where we are each week.

We are projecting during the month of June $7,500 each week to be given between tithes and Daring Faith. Anything above that amount we count towards our $10,000 goal. If the amount given each week is below that amount, we increase the goal. to coverage the shortage. That means we our full monthly goal is $40,000, which includes regular tithes and offerings.

This first week, we saw $2,300 come in towards out $10,000 goal! Praise the Lord!

Let's keep it going! As I stated last week, please be faithful as you travel. And be safe!

If we have an offering of $5,000 this week, we will be back to where we started. Let's keep moving forward!

Thank you for all you do. Ask God for how He wants you to give of your time, talents, and treasures. Do nothing more or nothing less than what He asks!

Just a recap of our goals if you are not familiar with them.

1) Get a sign on the highway side of the building $9,000

2) Order Air Conditioning diffusers to better cool the worship center. $5,000

3) Finish the children's rooms we have started $47,000

4) Finish paying off our existing renovations $23,000 remaining of the $158,000 original renovations that allowed us to get into the building!

The total coast to accomplish these four goals before the end of 2018 is $84,000 God can, and He wants to do it through you!

The total renovation costs remaining is $317,000. We believe the remainder will be received when we finish the refinance process.

Our goal is to raise $84,000 by the end of 2018 for renovations and a sign. Our goal for June is to raise $10,000.

This can be accomplished through a variety of ways.

1. As you travel for summer activities, remember to give online! Summer often sees giving dip. This small step of giving, even if you are not at church that Sunday, will help us reach this goal!

2. A large, one time donation to Daring Faith.

3. A loan to the church.

4. Become a regular giver to the church or Daring Faith. 75% of our families give. Wow! Thank you! 22% of our families give to Daring Faith. Will you help?

We can move forward together. The goal of finances is to fund the vision of God through life change here are Encounter. God has done such great things over the past year. I can't wait to see what He has in store for us next!

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