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Mother's Day Preview

Updated: May 9, 2018

Let's give the moms a round of applause! We are excited to be able to celebrate with our moms this Sunday at Encounter. Bitsi will be bringing a word from the Lord on how to use the Power Tools of the faith in our daily lives. Anyone who has a mother needs to hear this! You can catch a preview on our Tuesday Devotions. It's a 2 part. Catch both below!

Part 1

We'll have a gift for each Mom on Sunday!

9:00 or 10:43 Invite your mom and anyone who has a mom!

Part 2

State of the Church Sunday night was off the charts! It was awesome to hear and celebrate the stories of Daring Faith! We have been in the building for 6 months. In that time, we have doubled our number of regular attenders, increased our average attendance by 100, and baptized 31 people with 27 candidates for the June service! Wow!

You can see more Daring Faith stories on our website at

We do not want to rest on our laurels. Our goal is to keep seeing people raised to life in Christ. As part of this vision, we are starting Daring Faith: Next Steps. As we continue to pursue a refinance of our loan, we want to accomplish 3 major goals before the end of the year.

1. Finish the air conditioning for the summer months.

2. Get a sign on the highway side of the building.

3. Finish the 2 eKids rooms so we can fit! eKids has outgrown their space! Wow!

The goal for these items is $84,000. We will continue to unpack this in the coming weeks.

More than anything, share the stories! Tell what God has done at Encounter! Tell someone what God has done for you or through you in the last 6 months! Let's pack the house this Sunday for Mother's Day and every Sunday as we proclaim the greatness of God.

God Bless and I'll see you Sunday!

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