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Time for a change!

What a great worship we had this week! It can be so hard to carry that joy through the week. We learned to work through our circle of joy this week by admitting our sin, repenting of our sin, forgiving each other, and being restored to our relationships. This works in every relationship! A parent to child, brother to sister, friend to friend, it does not matter! Humble yourself and seek forgiveness so your joy may be full!

The most important relationship is the one between you and the Lord Jesus Christ. This same circle of joy process is how you receive salvation. We are earnestly praying to see 30 people who have restored their relationship with God come forward and follow in baptism on Easter. We wanted to share with you that 14 people have committed to this! Praise the Lord! They range in age from 7 to 63. Wow! It is never too late. Who are you inviting to church? Who are you sharing the gospel with? How about an invite to the Praise Party on March 18? Please, reach out if you need help inviting and sharing. That is what we are here for! We would love to go with you or share a phone call to tell the good news of Jesus. Let's spread contagious joy!

It is time change Sunday this week, March 11. Remember, your clocks need to spring forward and be set ahead one hour Saturday night.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday! Let's pack the house!

Pastor Ed

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