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The CORE of Encounter

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

As churches grow, change inevitably happens. New people with great new ideas begin serving. The demographic of an area may change. Culture goes through shifts. It is the responsibility of the leaders and elders to ensure that the change is healthy, effective, and Biblical.

One of the main ways we ensure we are on mission here at Encounter is to regularly check our ministry against our CORE values. They are

Passionate Adoration

Prayer with Fasting

Practical Learning

Persistent Witnessing

I look forward to unpacking them this Sunday! On Aug 12, we will start our next series: Breakthrough. On this blog, I will also take the time to expound on what CORE value a week so we can be familiar and clear about why we do what we do here at Encounter. Don't miss a week!

Also on Aug. 12, we have our next Family Day! The youth will take over our service as we gather around tables and learn about the one true God.

That evening, we will have a church wide party at Ferd B. Lang Park! Bring yard games, washers, horseshoes, balls, and any outdoor activity! We'll have hot dogs and are asking folks to sign up for other items here. If you bring an item, please be there by 4:30. We will be at the first two pavilions on the right as you enter the park.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday! Let's explore who God wants us to be here at Encounter Church! Check our the events page for upcoming opportunities such as the Men's Retreat, the Women's Fall Study, the Unite Gathering, and more!

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