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Homecoming on Deck

Homecoming is almost here! We are going to spend 5 weeks intensely studying Heaven and the renewal of all things. This is the hope that anchors our soul; knowing that Jesus will one day restore everything and we get to be part of that!

Starting Sept. 30, groups will be meeting and I'll be preaching on these topics. Head on over to the groups page or email if you are not in a group. As we have been training and teaching, people are blown away by learning about these great promises.

From what we can look forward to in eternity to how it impacts our lives today, do not miss a minute of these life-changing groups!

We are going to cap our Homecoming series with a week-long revival from Oct. 21-Oct. 26 and a Praise Party on Sunday, Oct. 28

We'll run from 7:00-8:10 Sunday through Friday with full childcare. They'll be learning about evangelism and why it is important.

On the first night, Sunday Oct. 21, we'll have our Annual Chili Cook-Off! We're asking for food to arrive at 4:30. We'll eat at 5:00 with judging at 6:00. These are always a blast! Don't miss it!

What a great time of going deep into God's word we will have over these weeks! From the theology and hope of Heaven and eternity to the practical here and now of sharing the gospel, there is so much to learn and do! Please join us on this exciting adventure as we learn about our forever home and how to bring people with us. Check out this video and for more detail.

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