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Breakthrough takes us home

God keeps showing up in mighty and powerful ways! We had a wonderful weekend with eKids in both services! Thank you to every member of our volunteer staff that made that happen. You are amazing!

God brings breakthrough in our lives through Patience and Praise. It is not just a passive, sitting around waiting, but actively working according to God's clear command. Is 26:8 shows up how we are to wait , by walking in the way of His laws. We do this because the name and renown of God is the desire of our heart.

As you wait for breakthrough, are you following his commands and praising His name? Is your hope set upon God?

Homecoming will explore where our hope lies. What is heaven? What is the eternal kingdom? Is it something abstract to you or is it real and concrete, driving your behavior in this world?

Don't miss it! We'll start September 30. Sign up for an eGroup! As we have begun going through this material with our leadership, wow! It makes an impact in the first session. You can get all the details for Homecoming at Let's share our hope with the world!

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Clarence Price
Clarence Price
Aug 22, 2021

Hii thanks for posting this

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