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Breakthrough is coming!

What a great day it was on Sunday! Thank you to all of you who came to the park. It was a great time!

During the service, we began talking about family values. Just like the core values of the church drive us forward and result in action, your family values should do the same. Over the coming weeks, I will be teaching how your family can establish their family values. What are your views on marriage? What about what we should consume from a media standpoint? Why do you believe those things? You can contact me,, if you would like a copy of my family values.

Are you interested in helping those whose family is struggling? Faithful Families, a ministry that supports foster families, will be holding an informational meeting Wed, Aug 15 at 6:30. They will also begin a STARS class for those interested in becoming a foster family on Aug 25. Whether you want to become a foster family or just support them, Wed Aug 15 is a time for you! Contact for more info.

Here are some upcoming dates for you!

Wednesday, Aug 22, we begin out Fall activities. AWANAS will begin along with many men's and women's eGroups. Join us at 6:30 for eTeam training of 7:00 for group time. You can register here!

Aug 25 4th Gen Men's Breakfast. This is open to any man! Cost is $5 and it starts at 9:00. Register for it here. We look forward to seeing you there! Contact for more info or to sign up. We'll be talking about how to spread your influence through 4 or more generations as well as rolling out details for the Men's Retreat coming up Sept 28-Sept 29

Aug 25 is also a Unite Gathering! Our youth will be gathering at 5:00 at People's Church by the Arnold Rec Center. We have host homes ready to receive them and you will be able to pick them up from church the next day. Cost will be $5.

As school starts, may God bless your family with a wonderful school year! I look forward to seeing you Sunday for Breakthrough part 2!

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