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Core Values

Passionate Adoration

Our hearts are lifted up in consistent, PASSIONATE ADORATION of the one true God! He is the creator of the universe who has always existed in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He is both just and loving and is worthy of our praise.

Perpetual Prayer

We practice PERPETUAL PRAYER with fasting because it is how we communicate with God. As we pray, we deepen our relationship with God and experience His movement in our lives. Through occasional times of fasting, we further discipline ourselves to hear God’s voice.

Practical Learning

We engage in PRACTICAL LEARNING because a growing understanding and application of God’s truth is necessary for proper worship and a deepening relationship with Him. We study the Bible because it is the inspired, inerrant Word of God. Its application helps us to grow as individuals and as a local group of believers that stands alongside all other Christ followers throughout history.

Persistent Witnessing

The mission that Jesus gave His church is to make disciples of all nations. To that end, we tell God’s story everywhere: man was created to be in relationship with God, but has been separated from Him because of the things we do wrong. Because He loved us, Jesus died on the cross and rose again to pay our penalty and now offers us a restored relationship with Him. We call this PERSISTENT WITNESSING, and we also urge those who believe to identify themselves through believer’s baptism and to look forward to the hope of eternity with Jesus!

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